BEP and MEP projects

BSc and MSc student projects (BEP/MEP)


Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are propagating ...Lees verder


14.00-15.00 hrs AWI & QI. 15.00-16.00 hrs. CPO & O...Lees verder


On Tuesday, 13 of December, the Delft municipality...Lees verder


Speakers: Prof. Dr. Jenny Dankelman (TU Delft), Dr...Lees verder


"Methods for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI"Lees verder



Animation 350 years of light microscopy in Delft

Check out this animation with a starring-role for our researchers Bernd Rieger and Sjoerd Stallinga. The animation shows 350 years of light microscopy history. From the earliest days of van Leeuwenhoek to the Nobel prize in 2014 and current developments at TU Delft. 

Imaging Physics

ImPhys performs cutting-edge research and education in imaging science to advance the fundamental understanding of physical phenomena leading to new innovative imaging principles and revolutionary imaging instruments. The department consists of four research groups/areas:

Accoustical Wavefield Imaging (AWI)
Charged Particle Optics (CPO)
Optics (OP)
Quantitative Imaging (QI)

The department has a leading role in Medical Delta, a research initiative in Health Science & Technology, a regional collaboration of the TU Delft, Erasmus MC, LUMC, Leiden University and Erasmus University; the Delft Research Initiative Delft Hi, one of the four major topics of the TU Delft, and the DELPHI consortium for developing geo-imaging technologies for 36 leading oil(-related) companies.


Alberico Sabbadini joined our group as PhD student

05 December 2016

Alberico started his PhD on 1 December. He will work on a method for early diagnosis of stiffening of the heart, which employs non-invasive ultrasound imaging and allows early identification of (patients at risk of developing) heart failure. The new method is based on the natural shear waves in the heart muscle, which find their origin in the natural “noise-like” mechanical excitations caused by...Lees verder


Lucas van Vliet appointed as dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences

05 December 2016

As per 1 January 2017, the TU Delft Executive Board has appointed Professor Lucas van Vliet as dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS). Lucas van Vliet is Professor Imaging Analysis and has been head of the Imaging Physics department since 2009. Since 1 May 2016 he has been acting dean of AS. In addition to his primary role at TU Delft, he is Professor of Quantitative Imaging at the Faculty...Lees verder


Poster award and selected talk for ImPhys MSc student Miranda Vaandrager at LEELIS-2

05 December 2016

At the 2nd workshop for Low Energy Electrons: Lithography, Imaging, and Soft Matter (LEELIS), November 10-11 in Amsterdam, Miranda’s abstract was one of two selected as student talk contribution. At the end of the conference, her poster ‘Electron-beam induced fluorescence bleaching using low electron landing energies’ was also won the best poster award. Miranda finished her MSc project on the 6th...Lees verder

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